Quotes on overthinking to help you relax!

Our brains are blessed with power of thinking and thanks to the power of thinking and imagination that we as humans have created a great world around us. All the innovations and things that we see around us are all products of thinking patterns and imagination. The aeroplane that is common is a result of imagination and thinking that was born in a human mind.

We are blessed that we can think! But sometimes this blessing becomes a very weird thing when the thinking patterns get continuous and the thinking keeps us stuck. We term the continuous and never ending thinking pattern as overthinking. No doubt that this term is quite popular now as people use it very simply. We need to rewire our brains so that we can think more clearly and we can stop this not so desirable overthinking pattern of ours.

In this blog you will read some great overthinking quotes that you will totally relate to. These quotes will help you in having a bit of a relaxing effect and along with that you will also try to think about why you need to stop overthinking a lot. So let us begin the overthinking quotes in the upcoming sections.

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Why does overthinking take place?

Before we start our quotes let us first think about why we overthink? Why do we feel stuck in a pattern of thinking?

The main reasons of overthinking are shared as follows-

  • People overthink about certain things because a feeling of fear surrounds them. The fear of something bad happening can lead to overthinking.
  • The mental conflicts that take place in our minds are another reason why people overthink.
  • The fear of losing a partner or being cheated can lead to overthinking in relationships.
  • Childhood habits can lead to overthinking. The patterns that we learned earlier in our life make a lot of difference and we feel the need to repeat them.
  • When people run behind perfectionism then also overthinking takes control.

The reasons for overthinking can depend upon the situation and one may feel that if they will not think hard about a thing then they will make mistakes. Thinking is a good thing but overthinking is not.

Overthinking quotes to relate.

We all overthink at some certain points in our life and the quotes that are shared here will help you relate to the pattern of overthinking.

The quotes about overthinking are as follows.

  • The same thoughts are again striking my mind and I want them to stop!
  • I wish I could escape the loop of thoughts!
  • I am scared and haunted by my own repeated thoughts!
  • I want to think but I guess I always end up thinking overly.
  • Thoughts are good to have, but repetition is something I hate.
  • I need to make a decision without overthinking.
  • Half of my life decisions were made after overthinking but still I feel I achieved nothing.
  • Do not want to enter the zone of thinking because I know the zone will lead to overthinking.
  • Give me a few pills to stop the thinking process.
  • I hate remembering facts and things because they make overthinking easier.
  • I am worried that if I don’t think a lot , I will lose a lot!

We all sometimes feel that we are overthinking and wish that we could stop but somehow we dig deeper. These quotes are relatable to all the overthinkers.

Overthinking quotes for people who overthink a lot in a relationship.

These are some quotes that those people will find relatable who overthink a lot while being in a relationship. The quotes are as follows-

  • I am afraid of the pain that I got earlier and that is the reason why I overthink a lot.
  • I know I have moved on from the past but still the scary feelings make me overthink.
  • I wish I could appreciate this bonding of ours without the feeling of overthinking.
  • I understand I need to stop overthinking and overstressing but I also feel unable to do so.
  • Give me a reason not to rethink your actions.
  • The day your actions match your words , will be the day when I will stop thinking twice.

Overthinking quotes to help you stop overthinking.

We all can control the way we think. We can make a remarkable difference in thinking and overthinking. These quotes will help you by providing you motivation to stop overthinking.

  • Thinking continuously will not change things, but doing something will!
  • You can not live your life in your head.
  • Why to think a lot? When this is the only life you got.
  • Thinking heavily will not reward you in any means.
  • If you think that thinking will make things perfect then you are wrong.
  • The brain was made for thinking not for overthinking.
  • Trust your own voices , not  of the one who lives in your head.
  • Take a deep breath! You need to stop thinking.
  • You are not going to get anything in return for just thinking.

We all need to know that only living in our head is not a solution for any problem. We need to rearrange things and we need to act properly to achieve what we want. Be it any personal problem or problems related to work we need to stop overthinking and we need to think in a wiser way.

Some therapies for overthinking.

If you think that you need to take a help of therapist for overcoming the issue of overthinking then you can do this and a therapist will help you with help of therapies like-

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you in thinking about your thought patterns and this will help you to make great changes in your thought and their styles. You will observe a very good change with the help of this therapy.
  • Mindfulness exercises are another great thing that will be taught to you. This will help you in releasing stress and anxiety and it will help you in reducing your overthinking.
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy is a good therapy and it helps in accepting and making new changes in life. With help of identification of goals and making better goals along with a therapist you will reap benefits.
  • Interpersonal therapy is a form of therapy which will help you in having good interpersonal relationships and this will help you in managing issues that might come due to overthinking.

Talk to a therapist for professional guidance and overthinking can really affect the quality of your life.  Think in a way that is healthy for you!

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