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Employee Wellness:Boosting Productivity: by Addressing Mental Health Issues

Boost productivity by prioritizing employee wellness and well-being.


Perks of Employee Wellness
to the Organizations

enhanced outcomes

Enhanced Outcomes

Positive work environment that helps in giving positive outputs

enhanced outcomes

Performance Increase

Overall increase in performance rates.

enhanced outcomes

Organizational Commitment

Increased commitment towards organisation.

enhanced outcomes

Creative Enhancement

Increased creativity and effectiveness.

The statistics show the number of
who are at risk

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Chronic Stress

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They fail to recognize it and then physical symptoms in terms of chronic illness appear.

Lack of Treatment

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Nearly 90 percent of employees fail to receive the treatment they need for their conditions.

Symptom Detection

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60% show no symptoms, but signs like lowered productivity and mental distress can be observed.

Benefits of Employee Wellness
to the Organizations


Mental Well-Being at Workplace: Influences and Solutions

Key factors for the best workplace include employee satisfaction, productivity, and mental well-being.

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Strategies for Employee Well-Being: Creating a Positive Workplace

Employee wellbeing is crucial. Workload, pressure, and deadlines can impact mental and physical health.

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The role of leadership in fostering employee wellness

When leaders support and guide employees well, the organization reaches new levels. Role of leadership is necessary in every field.

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Role of Counselling in Employee Wellness

Role of counselling in the life of an employee can be very magnificent. A good counsellor can help tackle many issues.

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FAQ Question


EAP is needed for highlighting issues related to finance, social life, substance use disorder, etc. All these issues impact the work life that is why proper measures are to be taken.

The main objective of EAP is to provide professional counselling to employees for their mental well being. Along with that it helps in reducing stress. All the situations are addressed in EAP programmes. Lyfsmile provides best therapists for the same.

Professionals provide great counselling and one can trust them for their great services. The data shows that the services offered by lyfsmile professionals are effective.

Counsellors at lyfsmile can provide a great platform to address the issues that are faced by employees of an organisation. Employees can get help from therapeutic techniques.

he services offered to employees remain confidential. The data is perfectly secure. One can rely on services offered by lyfsmile.

It helps by addressing issues that are faced by employees. The outcomes of this are great productivity, good work environment.