Good Touch And Bad Touch: An Important Topic For kids.

Touching is a form of showing affection. When a mother holds her baby in her arms then the baby feels protected and safe. The sudden crying of a baby disappears when his or other consoles him or her with warm kisses. It is good to be affectionate towards your kids and to give them warm hugs.The acts of touching that include love and care are essential for a baby or growing kids. In this blog we will discuss the importance of teaching good and bad touch to kids.

Good vs bad touch: How does it feel?

Good touch is a touch that is offered by parents and other family members of the kid. A place where a kid grows up and is nurtured is a place where a kid feels safe and secure. All the caregivers give proper treatment and a secure environment to the kids. A good touch includes-

  • Picking up a kid in arms gently.
  • Patting a kid gently for reward.
  • Showing affection by hugging.
  • Giving kisses gently.
  • Making a child safe and secure.

All these things are good and the bad touch includes-

  • Touching a kid in an insecure manner.
  • Touching a kid inappropriately.
  • Touching a kid in a way which makes the kid uncomfortable.

Why is it so essential to teach the difference between good and bad touch?

good touch and bad touch
Empowering children with knowledge for builds safety and confidence.

It is required to teach a kid about good and bad points because of the following reasons that are shared as follows-

  • By teaching them one can feel confident about their security. A child who knows what a bad and good points, can know when to ask for help in cases of urgency. If a kid is unaware of this then he or she cannot help themselves.
  • By teaching kids about good and bad touch one can save them from childhood trauma. Childhood trauma is something that can devastate the upcoming life stages of a kid and thus it is important to save them from any kind of abuse which leads to childhood trauma.
  • By knowing what bad and good touch is, a kid can feel confident about their body and they can learn more about their privacy.

Thus it is important for a kid to know what is good and bad points at an early age. One should have an open and proper conversation.

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How can kids know about good and bad touch?

Good touch and bad touch
How to teach a child about good and bad touch

One can teach their kids about good and bad touch in following manner-

  • Parents should have an open discussion about good and bad touch with their kids. They should teach them the basic anatomy of body parts. By knowing the name and parts of their body they will learn about their private parts.
  • One can teach them the swimming suit rule. In this they can tell that the parts that are covered in a swimming suit are the parts that are private and no one should be allowed to touch them instead of primary caregivers.
  • Parents should tell their kids that kids need to yell for help in case they feel that someone is touching them badly. Make sure that you mention that not only strangers but their acquaintances are also not allowed to touch them badly.

Thus having an open and clear discussion will help in making them aware and will protect them from any kind of abuse. Parents, teachers should teach kids at an early age.

What is a childhood trauma and how can it impact?

Good touch and bad touch
Understanding the lasting impact of childhood trauma

Trauma is described as an incident that leads to feelings of fear, anxiety or helplessness. When a child faces trauma in the form of physical violence, growing up in a violent family, being sexually abused then it impacts the child in the long run.

Stay active and explore with them. Make sure that they feel loved, affectionate. The development that takes place in the younger phase leads to the future personality of a child. When a kid shares an incident that made him or her uncomfortable then pay attention and take required actions in response to that. Let your kids know that you are there for them and they can come to you whenever any trouble comes to them.


In summary, educating children about the good and bad touch is essential for their safety and well-being. By teaching them to recognize appropriate and inappropriate touch, we empower them to establish boundaries and seek help when needed. Through ongoing communication and support, we can create a safer environment where children feel empowered and protected.

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