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Role of couples therapy

Every couple admires to share a bond where they live in a peaceful and lovable environment.From fulfilling each other’s basic needs to having a greater insight of one’s partner on emotional and psychological level, all these aspects are considered valuable for sharing a healthier and profound relationship. Couples therapy aims at finding ways and strategies that can be implemented in dealing with all the current issues occuring in couple’s lives and to help them cherish their bond the way they like.

The couples share various kinds of issues in their lives,be it trust issues,intimacy issues,insecurities,poor communication,unable to express to each other,differences in opinions etc.

Couples therapy deals with all these aspects and helps resolving them.

Major reasons of disturbances in a relationship.

relationship problems
Navigate challenges together with couples therapy, building trust and communication every step of the way.

Both sides of love happen to occur in a couple’s life.The one side is the beautiful phase that consists of feelings of wonderness and blissness.The other phase happens to be the ugly phase that consists of the sad and unhealthy feelings and emotions.

For being a perfect couple one should deal with both the phases with equal amount of energy and consciousness.

The major reasons that trigger the ugly side-

  • Not knowing what one really wants.
  • Inability to express himself or herself.
  • Presence of various stressors-official,financial,family related etc.
  • Absence of active listening.
  • When both don’t share a few common goals.
  • Inclusion of third parties.
  • Conflicts and arguments that arise vigorously in couples.
  • Difficulty in dealing with insecurity.
  • Lack of trust.
  • Previous relationships or emotional history.

Why does the ugly side create disturbance?

Everything that seems unpleasant to the human mind causes trouble. Although the human mind is highly capable of adapting and adjusting, when it comes to human emotions we seem to be overwhelmed by them.

The cognitive dissonance in one way or many provides discomfort and that discomfort sometimes interferes with our other decision making skills which later on impact the couple’s life.

Couples therapy and how it works?

couple counseling
Embrace a brighter future together with couples therapy, where love and support thrive.

As mentioned earlier, couples therapy focuses on dealing with issues that cause trouble in a couple’s life by teaching them how they can work on themselves and can regulate their emotions for sharing a peaceful relationship.

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What does a therapist do?

  • Provides an interconnection source of communication.
  • Provides an insight on one’s own behaviour and unrealistic expectations.
  • Helps in learning the art of commitment and acceptance.
  • Provides worksheets and tasks to work on together.
  • Helps in overcoming barriers due to lack of trust.
  • Help in realising the needs of a partner.
  • Teaching how one can deal with emotional outbursts.
  • Teaching healthy coping strategies to deal with emotions.
  • Help in dealing with cognitive dissonance.

What are the types of therapies under couples therapy?

  • CBT – Cognitive behavioural therapy that focuses on one’s emotions,thoughts and actions.It helps by telling how one can deal with them in a productive manner.It emphasises the role of thoughts on behaviours.
  • EFT Emotion focused therapy helps in dealing with emotions. It teaches how one should accept emotions and perceive them the way they are instead of denying and running away from them.It is considered as the most effective therapy in couples therapy.
  • Gottman Method According to the well known psychologist this method focuses on 9 rules of a healthy relationship that consists of building love maps,Trying inward approach instead of drifting apart from partner,sharing common dreams or goals,etc. It helps couples by destructing their enlarged barrier that stands in between them. Other various kinds of therapies are performed under couples therapy that share the same goal of removing unwanted obstacles in a sound relationship.

Some points to consider while dealing with problems in a relationship.

relationship counseling
Transform your relationship with couples therapy – because every journey to happiness begins with unity.
  • Obtain a more realistic view that is not wholly derived from emotions.
  • Try to first implement some relaxation or breathing techniques on yourself as it will help in better decision making and will save you from bad decisions and regrets.
  • Listen to understand not to respond. Whenever you are listening to your partner,make sure that you are understanding instead of merely reacting or responding.
  • Try to find the root cause of your disputes.
  • Give yourself a self test or self awareness tests in which you try to evaluate yourself and your actions/behaviours along with your wishes and desires. Why do you have them? Are they realistic?
  • Give yourself and your partner some time to evaluate things with a calm mind.

Remember,you both are individuals with your unique identity. You need as much time with yourself as you need with your loved one.

Couple counselling-the benefits associated.

When one finds it difficult to deal with the relationship they admire the most but somehow feel unable to remove conflicts or disputes in the form of obstacles,then one should definitely opt for couples therapy.

Couples therapy can provide various benefits including-

  • Better knowledge of one’s own thoughts and behaviours.
  • Helps in dealing with issues in a relationship.
  • Helps in formation of healthy bonds.
  • Helps in getting relief from anxiety,stress etc.
  • Teaches good interpersonal skills.
  • Teaches how to assess your partner’s thoughts and wants.
  • Couples therapy helps maintain smooth functionality in a relationship.
  • You can also address obstacles such as career, family, and friends through couples therapy.
  • Helps both the partners by providing them tools to work on their better self and interpersonal roles.

Every relationship needs patience and some work to be done for being a healthy and prosperous one.The work that needs to be done totally depend upon the desire and strength of attitude to make it better.If you feel that this relationship is something that matter to you the most. Then you will definitely make a way through all the odds!h

It’s all in your hands

And yes 

In your heads too!

Lyfsmile’s couples therapy and couples counseling in Gurgaon,Delhi

Relationships are the cornerstone of a fulfilling existence, as we at Lyfsmile know. We offer skilled couples counseling and therapy services in Gurgaon to support you and your spouse in navigating relationship challenges with tried-and-true therapeutic methods, professionalism, and compassion.

Benefits of couples therapy and couples counseling at Lyfsmile

couples counseling
Rebuild trust and communication with couples counseling.
  • Improved Communication: Learn effective communication skills to express your needs and listen to your partner more empathetically.
  • Enhanced Trust: Rebuild and strengthen trust through honest and open dialogue.
  • Conflict Resolution: Develop strategies to manage and resolve conflicts in a healthy and constructive manner.
  • Deeper Connection: Foster a deeper emotional and physical connection with your partner.
  • Personal Growth: Gain insights into your own behavior and patterns, leading to personal growth and improved relationship dynamics.

Get started today

It can be intimidating to begin couples therapy, but Lyfsmile is here to help you every step of the way. Prioritizing your relationship is now simpler than ever thanks to our handy Gurgaon location and adaptable scheduling options.

With the skilled couples therapy and couples counseling offered by Lyfsmile, you may reignite the spark and create a stronger, more robust relationship. To schedule your appointment and start down the path to a better, healthier relationship, get in touch with us right now.

Are You Struggling with Relationships issues? Lyfsmile is here to help.

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Is couples therapy available in online mode too? Will it be different from in person?

You can attend sessions in online mode too. Depending upon the source of availability and mode you can opt for it.The only difference between online sessions and offline sessions is this,that the former one takes place in a device setting and the latter one in inperson mode, that is you have to visit the clinic. Except this no other main difference resides in therapeutic techniques,etc. Feel free to opt as per your choice.

Why should I go to couples therapy?Will it be effective if I do so?

If you feel a disconnect with your partner, noticing a lack of love and increasing conflicts affecting your quality of life, consider consulting a therapist. Couples therapy is widely recognized for its positive effects on relationship dynamics and emotional well-being.

Many studies have proved that these therapies help couples establish a good bond and the good outcomes of this therapy are proven to provide overall emotional development of both the individuals associated.

Will sessions of this therapy consume a lot of our time?

couples therapy
Strengthen your bond with expert couples counseling.

The average length of therapy ranges from 8 to 12 sessions, varying based on the couple’s issues and their willingness to enact change. With a skilled couple therapist, you can conclude sessions once you feel adept at improving both yourself and your relationship. However, one should avoid being in a hurry. Instead, take the required amount of time and energy to put oneself in a better state.

Lyfsmile provides the accessibility of a couple therapist?

Psychologists and counselors at Lyfsmile efficiently work within their respective areas of expertise. You can consider Lyfsmile a good and safe option to start improving the bond that matters most to you. Check the reviews on our site and feel free to connect with the best couple therapists near you.

Can couples therapy help us from getting apart?

When both the individuals are willingly desiring to work on their relationship. Then couples therapy acts as a boon as it provides all the tools and skills required to cherish the essence of a profound relationship. You can observe yourself how easy it all will seem when you will get the help of a professional psychologist/counsellor who will help you in removing all the unwanted obstacles in your relationship by just adapting some easy yet important skills.

Is couple counselling confidential?

Your privacy matters. If you want this to be confidential, we will take care of all the regulations so that you can focus on learning in a more secure environment.

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