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You can get the best therapy by the best therapists at lyfsmile by online psychologists. Say no to unhealthy feelings and take a step towards better well-being with lyfsmile.


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Starts with goal setting and analysis

Feel free to share your thoughts with our best mental health therapists in a safe environment.

Perfect techniques to help

Our therapists are experienced and they help by providing best therapy along with good techniques. Therapists at lyfsmile can help you by providing online or offline counselling sessions.


Assess the progress and feel the difference.

By taking sessions with a therapist you will note good changes in yourself and you will feel more good. Our top psychologists will make sure that you are getting better changes.

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Gift therapy is for bringing a positive change in everybody’s life.

Precise gift therapy will help in bringing the best versions of yourself. Try the gift therapies and start your journey with India’s best therapy platform along.


our team

Skilled mental health therapists to guideyou throughout the journey.

Lyfsmile is a hub where you can meet the best psychologists from India that are working for the welfare of people. They are highly experienced and compassionate. The unconditional positive regard of best online psychologists will provide you a safe platform to express yourself.

Lyfsmile online therapy vs traditional
offline therapy

Therapy Offers Remote CounselingLyfsmileOff - Line
Accessibility of best therapists just by being at home.
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Saves time of accomodation.
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In-office visits
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Healthy relationships.
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Video call sessions for clients.
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Mental health benefits.
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Affordable packages for therapy.
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Convenience of getting therapy
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Increased overall productivity.
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Connection via messages.
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Google Reviews


Rakesh Keshari

I am even more impressed with my assigned therapist. She is a wonderful counselor and she listens to all of my concerns and together we choose the best way to treat the issue at hand. I enjoy our conversations andRead More


Lyfsmile offers comprehensive online therapy and counseling services for mental health support. Their platform provides a user-friendly interface for easy access to professional help. Therapists are highlyRead More

Hunar Anand

As someone who was skeptical about online therapy, I can confidently say that Lyfsmile completely changed my perspective. The online sessions were just as effective, if not more so, than in-person therapy.Read More


Lyfsmile has been a game-changer for my mental health journey. The online therapy and counseling services provided are top-notch, and the Emotional Wellness Coach is truly #1. The platform offers a welcoming andRead More

Arushi Rana

I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible support I received from Lyfsmile. Their empathetic listening, insightful guidance, and practical strategies have truly transformed my mental healthRead More

Omprakash Sharma

Before seeking help, my relationships felt like they were falling apart, there was misunderstanding, miscommunications and lot of other things. But with the support of my counselor, it's like they handed meRead More

Kashvi Arora

I highly recommend Lyfsmile for mental health support. The staff is friendly, and the holistic approach to wellness is evident in their comprehensive programs.Lyfsmile's commitment to affordabilityRead More

FAQ Question


Mental health therapists at lyfsmile are considered best because of the services that they provide. With their expertise and great skills they help their clients in solving their issues. The educational background is very rich of mental health therapists at lyfsmile. They make sure that their clients are getting the appropriate help. Their unconditional positive regard makes them the best mental health therapists.

Choosing a good psychologist for therapy can sound hard and confusing as many options are available today. For choosing a good psychologist for therapy one should make sure to check the number of experiences of the therapist, reviews of the therapist, feedback from other clients and budget. All these factors can help in choosing the right psychologist for yourself.

Online psychologists of lyfsmile deals with many issues. The main issues that they work on are Relationship counselling, Marriage counselling, premarital counselling, counselling for anxiety, counselling for depression, career counselling. One can contact a psychologist of lyfsmile for dealing with all these issues.

There are many benefits of online counselling at lyfsmile and one can have them. The main benefits of having online counselling sessions at lyfsmile are- affordable counselling sessions, help from best online psychologists, better mental well being, sessions in a comfortable space. One can have these benefits by contacting online counsellors at lyfmsile.

Taking counselling sessions from the best counsellors can be really beneficial. One can reap benefits like-learning management techniques, control over impulsive emotions, overall peace and balance, increase in self worth, good relationships, better mood, etc. Having counselling sessions can be a really great thing. It is best to choose good counsellors.

There are many kinds of therapies that are used by psychologists. The therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy, person centred therapy, Interpersonal therapy, etc are some of the main therapies used by therapists. Best psychologists choose therapy according to the needs of the client.