Best love failure quote to heal yourself.

This world is full of emotions like love, hate, sadness, happiness and joy. Being a human we go through all these emotions via different phases of our lifespan. Someone enters our life with a ray of love and then the feelings like affection, care and wholeness is felt. When someone shows care and attention towards us then we feel alive in a different manner. The feelings make us feel complete.

Everyone needs to feel loved and cared for. Everyone wants someone to place their head on the shoulder of their loved ones and to describe how their day went. All these feelings are common and most wanted. Fortunately many of us find our right matches for sharing each little detail of our life. In some cases things like this do not happen and we feel alone and incomplete. 

In this era of casual dating or situationships , we all deep down crace for a loyal and genuine partner. Some people do meet the love of their lives but unfortunately few things do not work accordingly and things change. The partner is no longer the provider of all those lovey dovey feelings and instead of that one  receiving pain and hate. 

What does love failure feel like?

When someone breaks our heart or someone whom we really love or adore hurts us in any way then the feelings like heartache and sorrow accompany us. Love failure is felt in our gut. The feelings of emptiness arise from the guts and sometimes we feel that the pain takes place in our chest.

The signs and symptoms of love failure need to be paid attention. The feelings of sadness or emptiness if persisted for a longer time then it can lead to things like depression, difficulty in maintaining future relationships , etc. Love failure is really a hard thing to deal with. One needs better approaches to deal with this ugly phase of love. Here we are providing some love failure quotes in English that will help you in recovering from this phase of your life.

Let us begin with some really good love failure quotes to heal yourself.

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Some of the very best love failure quotes to heal yourself.

The love failure quotes are as follows-

  • “The sensations and pain that this ache brings is something I want to mute.”
  • “I would have never started this , if I knew it would end up like this.”
  • “I wish someone would listen to me the way I want to be listened to.”
  • “The voices in my head are making me numb”
  • “ This ugly phase of love is not something that I wished for us.”
  • “I would never have treated you the way you did to me.”
  • “I want to start my life the way it was before you left.”
  • “I have never failed in any sphere of my life, but you failed me like i never won.”
  • “I don’t know if this was love or not, but if this was love then I never wish it would occur to me twice.”
  • “The day before you left was the last day when I felt alive.”
  • “Wish me luck, I want to restart my life again because I can not handle this much pain.”
  • “This love algorithm is as hard as maths and as painful as stroke.”

When someone says love then the things like pain and sadness behave like its synonyms. Everyone is well aware of this fact that a thing like love brings a lot of pain and aches along with it but still we all want to try it and we all want to explore.

We want to keep trying and exploring until real love happens and all of our sorrows are taken away . We all need to explore and try because life is about everything but not stopping.

Some love failure quotes for girls.

Girls have always been seen as the epitome of giving love and care to people around them in the form of many relationships. Be it in the form of a wife, mother or lover. Girls and women are most of the time considered as givers. But what does their pain of love feel like? Let us try exploring their pain by reading some of the love failure quotes for girls.

Love failure quotes for girls are as follows-

  • “I have been craving for love till my younger days. I thought I found everything that I lacked when I saw you, but I never knew you were also something that would make my heart ache.”
  • “ Having you with me felt like heaven. Not having you with me is something worse than demons.”
  • “ I was looking for love in your eyes, but later I realised that those eyes were never mine.”
  • “I always thought you would always choose me from the rest but then I found that I was never the best.”
  • “ Your last words were sharper than a sword . Your last goodbye was harder than a rock.”
  • “ That smile which you passed every time when you saw me was fake. Wish I knew before that you were not the one with whom I should have stayed.”
  • “Your fake actions seem real but not dealing with your absence is something that I fear.”

Girls have their dear diaries with whom they share their good and bad days. All girls want a human diary to share their things with. Diaries keep all the hidden secrets and they know what a girl goes through. Keeping your chin high in toughest times is something that can help to heal.

Having a dear diary is something that becomes healing too. Make sure that you have a reliable friend who can listen to you in hard times. 

Love failure quote for boys.

Males are asked not to cry and not to show their emotions in front of society, this repression of emotions and the so-called alpha personality can cause trouble to men. Some love failure quote for boys are listed as follows-

  • “With her I feel my heart is breathing, without her everything seems suffocating.”
  • “She was the only one who made me laugh at my worst. Now she is the one who showed me what is really the worst.”
  • “The love that I was supposed to have with me forever is now being given to others, nothing hurts more than this replacement .”
  • “I hope you trusted me for once, I hope you saw the love in my eyes. I hope you now will realise that nothing was a lie.”
  • “ The late night walks and the late night talks are all gone. Me , my silence along with my conflicts in my head are all that’s going on.”
  • “Meet me where the thing like forever is the truth.”
  • “I believed you would get me the way no one else did, but sadly you are the one who is making my heart sick.”


Is therapy required after love failure?

Path to healing is around , you just need to look at it.

When love fails then the feelings need proper approaches to deal with. If they are taken for granted then they can bring misery. Getting therapy can help in many ways. One can get therapy for dealing with feelings like prolonged sadness, emptiness and difficulty in managing emotional outcomes. A good therapist can help in following ways-

  • A good therapist will listen to your feelings.
  • A good therapist helps you in getting better perspectives.
  • A good therapist will teach relaxation techniques.
  • A good therapist will help you to work on yourself.
  • A good therapist will help you in overcoming negative self image.


Thus one can benefit from getting good therapy and one can consult a better therapist which will help in overcoming the tough phase of your life. Always remember that there is always a hope and one should not take oneself for granted if love fails. The love that resides in you should never die. Let the real love find you by finding your real version.


Question 1. How do you say love failure?.

Answer 1. When a relationship you admired or  wanted to last long fails then we say that love failed. Love failure brings a lot of pain and ache in the life of an individual. Love failure consists of a whole range of feelings like sadness, emptiness and sorrow. Losing a loved one is a hard thing and recovery takes strength.

Question 2.Why is love failure important?

Answer.  Failure in different spheres of our life is important as it teaches us not to repeat some things in our life. When it comes to emotions or relationships then the pain increases. The mind undergoes a hard conflict and it needs proper guidance. One can take the love failure as a lesson and one can learn what to expect and what not to in a relationship. By digging deep into our own selves we can establish good ways of having successful future relationships.

Question 3. What psychology says about love failure?

Answer. Psychology tells us how not painful it can be for an individual when the love is not given back and when the expectations aren’t met. It can really bring a poor quality of life. Although these emotions are okay to feel, with passage of time one needs to move one and to find new ways of exploring the things that we want. Never hate the feeling of love as the hate will only bring misery.

Question 4. How does love failure feel?

Answer 4. Love failure feels like someone has given us physical pain. ALong with physical pain one may feel a lot of conflicts that may arise in the inner mind. The conflicts and not feeling loved by the loved one may feel awful. It is necessary to overcome this feeling for a better life. The emotional pain needs to be dealt with too.

Question 5. Is failure necessary in life?

Answer 5. Failure is necessary and one needs to feel how it feels. It is good to feel this. The one who never failed can never realise what real winning feels like. Failure brings new ways of exploring and it can open good ways of learning new things. Failure in life is necessary.

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