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Our couple counelling services provide a safe and supportive environment for couples to address their issues and strengthen their relationship.

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Reasons to take couples counselling

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Deep Understanding

Couple counselling with help of couple counsellors can help in better understanding of emotions and feelings.

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Solving Conflicts

Best couple counsellor can help by providing you good techniques to resolve conflicts or differences in opinions.

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Strengthening Bonds

Couple counselling with help of couple counsellors can help in better understanding of emotions and feelings.

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Experience Deep Love

Engaging better with each other and problems leads to a love focused on sharing, not just giving or taking


Effect of couple counselling on relationships

By taking couple counselling from best couple counsellors one can observe many positive changes in relationships.


Couples who undergo counseling build a lasting, healthy bond that endures over time, as studies show.


Data clearly shows that 50% of marriages face challenges, yet 50% of divorces can be prevented with top couple counselors.

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Rakesh Keshari

I am even more impressed with my assigned therapist. She is a wonderful counselor and she listens to all of my concerns and together we choose the best way to treat the issue at hand. I enjoy our conversations andRead More


Lyfsmile offers comprehensive online therapy and counseling services for mental health support. Their platform provides a user-friendly interface for easy access to professional help. Therapists are highlyRead More

Hunar Anand

As someone who was skeptical about online therapy, I can confidently say that Lyfsmile completely changed my perspective. The online sessions were just as effective, if not more so, than in-person therapy.Read More

Krishnam Rastogi 2392

My experience with Lyfsmile was transformative. Their dual role allowed for a comprehensive approach that addressed both immediate concerns and long-term personal growth. Online sessions were more feasibleRead More


Lyfsmile has been a game-changer for my mental health journey. The online therapy and counseling services provided are top-notch, and the Emotional Wellness Coach is truly #1. The platform offers a welcoming andRead More

Arushi Rana

I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible support I received from Lyfsmile. Their empathetic listening, insightful guidance, and practical strategies have truly transformed my mental healthRead More

Omprakash Sharma

Before seeking help, my relationships felt like they were falling apart, there was misunderstanding, miscommunications and lot of other things. But with the support of my counselor, it's like they handed meRead More

Kashvi Arora

I highly recommend Lyfsmile for mental health support. The staff is friendly, and the holistic approach to wellness is evident in their comprehensive programs.Lyfsmile's commitment to affordabilityRead More

FAQ Question


Yes ! Relationships or couple counselling can bring many good and positive changes in a relationship. Be it conflict resolving, lack of communication, lack of intimacy, etc. One can get the solutions for all these issues with help of best couple counsellors in India at lyfsmile.

One can get the benefits of online couple counselling at lyfsmile by contacting our team. We will provide you with the best couple counsellor who will help you in strengthening your bond.

Couples counselling at lyfsmile is totally safe and the privacy is also maintained here. Our team works for the betterment of our clients and we ensure proper safety and security to our clients.

For contacting the team of our professionals you can contact us on our helpline numbers and we will get in touch with you. The process of starting the counselling is very easy.

As couple counselling focuses on nurturing and well - being of the couple, it always proves to be the best solution one could have. Couple can rely on the process without any worries or fear of judgements.

Couple counsellors at lyfsmile are considered as the best couple counsellors because they are specialised in their respective field. They have worked with couples globally and their expertise and experience makes them best couple counsellors in India.