Role of Counselling in Employee Wellness

Counselling has always been known to play a major role in many fields. Counselling for couples, counselling for children, counselling for career is well known. Likewise,  counselling for employee well being is necessary too. Role of counselling in the life of an employee can be very magnificent. A good counsellor can help tackle many issues.

Workplace can bring a lot of changes in the life of an individual. Mental issues may arise, necessitating the provision of mental support. Role of counselling and counsellors can then be a very great one. Choosing the right counsellors for your workforce and their well being becomes a matter of concern.

We will discuss how the role of counselling can impact employee wellness and how one can implement good counselling for their benefits. This is going to be an insightful blog so let us begin by sharing important details with you.

Things to know about role of counselling for employee well being

Role of counselling
Promoting Mental Health at Work: The Essential Role of Employee Counselling

Counselling for employee well being is provided to employees of an organisation for sharing the issue that is mentally bothering them. Employees receive free assistance covered under the assistance program. Counsellors help the employees by focusing on the problems that concern them. The items covered under counselling are shared as follows-

  • Work life related issues.
  • Self esteem related issues.
  • Depression or anxiety related problems.
  • Productivity level issues.
  • Career related tension.
  • Personal life problems that may be impacting work life.

Counselling covers all the issues that affect an individual’s work life. Role of counsellors is to help the employee deal with that issue with good skills.

Main Perks of Counselling for Employees: Understanding the Role of Counselling

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Boosting Productivity: The Crucial Role of Counselling in the Workplace

Explore the key advantages of counselling for employees as shared and discussed here. You can check out the good perks of counselling for employees. The perks are discussed as follows-

  • The increased level of productivity is one of the main perks of counselling. The organisation can get many benefits from the better mental well being of the employee.
  • Providing safety to the employees of a company is the duty of the organisation and the company can work best by providing mental safety to their employees.
  • Providing employees with optimal counselling opportunities can lead to a decrease in long-term chronic illness. Better mental health translates to improved physical well-being.
  • Companies can get the best outputs from employees. Employees can explore creativity and innovation through counselling.

All these are perks of getting best counselling. Taking care of employees’ mental health can yield the best results from them. Prioritise the mental well being of your employees and create a good workplace.

Types of counselling for employees

mental well-being at workplace
From Conflict to Collaboration: The Role of Counselling in Workplace Harmony

There are some main types of employee counselling. Learn about the best and main types of employee counselling through the following points shared below-

  • Non-directive counselling, a client-centered therapy, solely targets the emotional problems of the employee.
  • Directive counselling is all about motivating ,elling the employee what to do. It helps by guiding the client. Counsellor plays a direct role in this.
  • Catharsis is really important. It refers to the removal of emotional blocks. Uncovering and addressing pent-up emotions removes their lingering impact, allowing for emotional liberation.
  • Insight technique helps to analyse the past and present of an employee. Exploring links precedes sorting out matters.

Counsellors can choose any of the counselling or  counselling techniques. They help the employee to overcome all the mental burdens. Role of counselling is important and deciding the best counsellor can help in many ways.

Key Steps in Employee Counselling: Exploring the Role of Counselling

Below, the main steps in employee counselling are discussed for your review-

  • Rapport building- it focuses on providing a safe environment. Places that can feel safe to employees can help the employee to open up with a counsellor. Both counsellor and employee has to begin with the process of rapport building.
  • Exploration and understanding- During this phase, the counselor explores the client’s behavior, seeking to understand the employee.
  • Action plan-The employee and client collaborate on a devised action plan, fostering employee development.

When an employee counselling begins then it undergoes all these phases. Having a good counsellor can help in getting the best result.

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