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Ms Urvashi Rajput

RCI Licensed Psychologist


Child Psychology; Anxiety

Core Skills:

B.A + M.A in Clinical Psychology PG Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology


Hindi and English

About Me

Urvashi has a professional experience of 4 years in understanding the psychosocial behaviors and mental health needs of both adults and children which helps her deliver customized & pragmatic assistance to enhance their cognition, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life.

Delivers therapy with a deep & elemental understanding of how our environment can directly affect the way we perceive, feel, and behave, which adds to new experiences. She holds expertise in Psychodynamic, Holistic Psychotherapy, and Cognitive & Emotion Development to overcome invisible challenges, negative self-image, and unhelpful behaviors. She has extensive experience in group therapies as well as impactful one-on-one sessions with up to 200+ clients. She is skilled in supervising volunteers, administering tools, conducting webinars/workshops, and integrating therapeutic as well as rehabilitation services.

Therapeutic expertise

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Narrative therapy For children - Assessments, Play therapy, Cognitive therapy, Language and communication

Why i became a psychologist

I chose this profession to create an emotionally safe and inclusive world where everyone has access to love and compassion. I myself have been raised by a parent who suffered from a mental health condition, therefore, I want to give back to the community as a token of respect to those who are fighting invisible battles.

Therapeutic approaches

Humanistic, Existential, Psychodynamic

My thoughts on therapy

It creates a safe space to understand why people suffer, how they change, how they can build new and healthy behaviors, and how to help them live in environments that bring out the softness in them, not the survival so they can live a satisfying life. Armed with new skills, they can begin to develop fully in their life. We, too, need to be reminded of the beauty and the power of our profession from time to time. Therapy allows us to form intimate and healing relationships with others. It is a spiritual and insightful field of work that redefines life.