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Dr. Shraboni Nandi

RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist


My specialized areas are counselling and therapies for stress, personality disorder, COD behavioural problems, anxiety, depression in children and adult

Core Skills:

Ph.D in psychology


English, Hindi, and Bengali

About Me

I am Dr. Shraboni Nandi Consultant Psychologist, a RCI licensed mental health professional having Ph.D in Psychology, I am dedicated and motivated with an experience of more than 20 years in understanding and guiding individuals with social behavioural and mental health issues both adult and children.

My experiences and hard work and dedication towards my profession help me to deliver customised therapy in a sensible and realistic way with deep understanding of how environment around us influence/affect ones perception, cognitive or emotional well-being, as well as behaviour. My experiences helps me to overcome invisible challenges and unhealthy /toxic behaviour of client.

I provide safe and empathic space where client can able to explore their thought, emotions and other challenges. Also help the client to find clarity into ones thought process and help them to find better way to cope with challenges.

Therapeutic expertise

Therapeutic expertise lies in assessment, test administration, career guidance and counselling, special education, specific learning disability management, behavior therapy, psychotherapy speech therapy, cognitive therapy, anger and stress management, family therapy, client centered therapy,

Why i became a psychologist

I choose to become a psychologist because I am very curious to know human behaviour and different types of personality traits. Another reason of my inclination towards psychology is ,I want to help people overcome effects of trauma, mental health crises and to bring difference in the lives.

Therapeutic approaches

Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Psychotherapy, Humanistic Approach, Applied behaviour analysis, Art therapy.

My thoughts on therapy

Therapy is very important for an individual facing challenges in life and it help individual develop coping skills to improve interpersonal and personal well-being. Therapy is a safe platform to step towards improvement in problem related to mental health, it helps to know why and to what extent an individual is suffering and how do people change after undergo therapy and how they come up with healthy behaviour and start with new and fresh.

It is a valuable resource for the person facing challenges and it helps an individual to explore their thoughts, emotions…in safe place and get clarity into themselves, by developing coping skills and move towards personal growth and well-being.