What causes Stress, anxiety and Depression?

Stress,anxiety and depression-common yet confusing terms. These are the terms we hear frequently nowadays.These are not things that happen to some specific group of people.They are part of every human being.In one way or many ,people feel these things happening around them.

Coping strength is something that varies according to people.

Stress-Various stressors be it environmental or others,when placing an individual in a challenging or difficult situation causes stress in that individual.

Anxiety-People feel anxious about things which they found new or which are mostly associated with the perception of future events.

It is associated with a feeling of nervousness.

Depression-A state of isolation and alienation.Where people feel that there is no meaning in their lives and nothing captures their attention.

Psychologically all these terms are associated with specific symptoms and their specific treatments.

What causes Stress,anxiety and depression?

We are evolved animals with evolved consciousness.With a conscious mind comes different thoughts,emotions and their direct effect on behaviours.

They reside in various parts of our brain viz Prefrontal cortex,amygdala,hippocampus etc.All they and along with others they form emotion processing networks.

 Few situations that trigger these-

  • Unwanted  situations that demand change.
  • Circumstances that don’t turn in our favour.
  • Situations that cause loss of loved ones or separation from those.
  • Challenging situations.
  • Childhood traumas and their later effect.
  • Previous relationships.
  • Family problem.
  • Career related issues.
  • Continuous poor health,etc.

Are you the only one who suffers from them?

We all initially believe that we are the unfortunate ones or we are the ones who suffer a lot but if we care to ask other fellow beings about how their life is treating them,we all in majority of cases will encounter that the other end of the stories is also not as fine as it seems.

Believe it or not these feelings are not something that you are going through alone.

All this human race shares a part of it!

Is there any difference in Stress,anxiety or depression?

All these feelings can occur due to various circumstances.

They can occur alone or can occur altogether.

Stress can be caused when-

  • You are worried about your entrance exam.
  • You are tense about your loved one’s health.
  • You are suffering from a sense of burden due to the responsibilities you have,etc.

Anxiety can occur in situations like-

  • When you have successfully completed the final tier and you are appearing for the final stage i.e interview.
  • When you are going to deliver a speech.
  • When you are talking to someone you met for the first time,etc.

Depression is something that people might feel when-

  • They are sad about how someone they loved truly chose someone else over them.
  • How their family went through a financial crisis.
  • Poor health,etc.

All these are just a few examples that can be a source of these feelings.The management and the approach which individuals take,decides the outcomes of the feelings.

Situations may not harm to that extent to people who know how to deal with them in a more realistic manner.

Ways to deal with feelings of Stress ,anxiety and depression.

Depending upon the scenarios in which people feel these particular feelings,individuals can opt for various approaches that may help them in dealing with these humanistic feelings.

Some of these approaches can be–

  • Evaluating the why’s of your specific feeling.

    By knowing the reason and by evaluating all the things concerned,one can create a more realistic approach.

  •  Know what you really want and why you want it.

    These simple questions can help an individual by getting a more vivid picture of their wants and desires.Its common that sometimes we usually forget what we really want out of a particular situation.

  • Try being spiritual and add spirituality to your daily routine.

By doing so you can get a meditative and calm mind which will act as a relaxation technique.This will eventually make it possible for you to deal with your situations calmly and more consciously.

  • Pen down your feelings and give them a better view.

By writing what you are feeling you can calm yourself.As thinking and rethinking can hold you inside the loop of the cycles of your thought.

Paper will act as a listener and by writing you will feel that a major proportion of your burden is lifted down.

  • Know when you need a therapist.

If you find yourself stuck in a situation which is disturbing or altering your life and you are unable to think clearly ,then you can consult a good therapist that will help you in organising your thoughts and emotions.


I am trying to run away from specific thoughts and feelings but am unable to do so.

Feelings or thoughts are not alien.You don’t need to run away from them,they are in fact,a part of yours. Accept them and know that you don’t want them to occur and then slowly you will realise that when you will just let them flow they will stop disturbing you.

What is CBT and how do counsellors help their patients by performing this?

CBT stands for cognitive behavioural therapy. In this therapy counsellor helps their patients by teaching them the art of managing their thoughts and behaviours. By working on how a particular feeling is related with behaviour and how thoughts,feelings and behaviour are correlated,by knowing this and having an organised way of dealing with certain thoughts one can decrease the level of hurtful outcomes of certain thoughts.

Will counsellors at lyfsmile help me in dealing with my depression?

Counsellors at lyfsmile are skillful and as well as  they are compassionate psychologists,who are dedicated towards their patients.

They help people by teaching them the art of living  in peace and happiness.

Counsellors are empaths first and therapists later.They know how it feels when a person goes through all these feelings.

They will surely help you in finding your own source of happiness.


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