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Our species i.e Homo sapiens relationship counseling near me is a very conscious one.Our brains are very processed to perform various tasks.We indeed can  me consciously make decisions or can act accordingly to fulfil our own needs by making amendments whenever or wherever necessary.We play various roles after we take birth.

All of them has one role in common and that is -interaction.We interact with each other as humans for different purposes.Some relations are made by birth.We do not choose our parents.We do not choose our family.We classify them as relationships that almighty chose for us to be a part of. But then,there comes relations such as of friends,enemies or lovers.

They are totally of our choice.We interact with other beings and after the  interaction period we identify.  their traits and if we like them or their specific traits then we try to build a bond with them by giving. it a specific tag.The taglines such as relationship counseling near me ‘lovers’, ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’, ‘besties’ , ‘bff’ and if people find them suitable enough to spend their whole lives together. then they take a step further and tie knots.

I define a relationship near me as a symbiotic

Association between two individuals. Both the individuals form a bond together ,then they try to fulfil the desires of each other. No doubt that relationships from the beginning start with a hope of endless tenure.’Only death can separate us now’. This ambition is common in the beginning stage. The very beautiful bond ,which includes thousands or ‘n’ number of thoughts disgorged into the heads of both the partners. The tons of secretion of oxytocin and serotonin. The little smiles that come on the face while talking. The blush, the eye contact and the cute tickling feeling of love. How can someone deny feeling all this?

This is the basic foundation of a bond right?

Relationships are absolutely the most beautiful thing that we, as humans have made.

But sadly, the lifespan of the bonding that we made by our own choice is getting councillor decreased day by day.The terms like trust relationship counseling near me issues,insecurities,commitment issues, etc are all very common nowadays. How can something that you care about most, I can become the most doubtful decision of your life?.Was this life choice of yours ,that you enjoyed and cherished a lot, just a ‘phase’ of your life?

Relationship counselling near me-What is this?

Yes,let us just admit that we as a human being came (or landed on this planet. according to some of the insta bio’s nowadays) into this beautiful world as a tiny creature.We came alone (not counting the twins case),we are going to leave alone (yes ,we all are going to leave this planet anytime .Like it is the rule right?)

What is the issue then,in living alone?

I agree There is no such issue in living alone. But don’t you think that if we have someone with relationship consultant whom we can talk. the with whom we can share our sorrows or laughter . with whom we can express the silliest versions of ours without any hesitation or to whom we can cry about the things. that bothers us.?

  • So that we can live,laugh,cry,and enjoy altogether!
  • But sometimes things are not always sweet.

A relationship is not just limited to happy or blissful moments.It is a mixture of both sweet and sour ingredients.Behind the laughs,it has a pinch of arguments. Behind the sweet talks it also stores words that may sound a bit harsh. Note relationship counseling near me everything can be perfect.But counselling is a thing that can help it in making your relationship better.

Relationship counselling is all about talking and evaluating or making complicated things simple.

Under the guidance of a professional ,both partners . I can discuss and sort out the things that are causing troubles in their relationship. A pathway can be shown by the counsellor for better working of a relationship.

When to find out that a relationship needs a counsellor?

As mentioned earlier, not everything that happens in a relationship is beautiful. We all know that. When two human beings interact then some sort of misunder.   The relationship counseling near me standing ,differences in opinions, do exist and there is nothing to harp about it. Both the partners have separate identity and they can have different point of views.

Too much sugar coated thing is also not good. so little and cute fights are adorable indeed. But things can become worse when those little fights turns into disturbing situations and unpeaceful conditions along with unavoidable arguments.

When both the partners want to sort out things. but ,they are unwilling to do so due to reasons like communication gap or misunderstanding. Then a counsellor can become a boon to it. The counsellor can be a bridge between both the partners.

Things become better when we work on them.

It requires execution and when it comes to humans then a layer of emotion is prerequisite. 

If things still do not work then do not hesitate consulting a counsellor.

Do remember the reason why you chose each other, and then think twice. how the thing that was most beautiful for you .  A is now not being up to the mark.

 The Most importantly, don’t forget that it is not a person.

Relationship counselling is not just about counselling.It is about both of you and the bond that you made for yourself.

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