Friendship Counselling

When things in life go wrong then to whom do we turn to? Well,no prizes for guessing.A bunch of people or few people whom we can count on fingers,or sometimes only one person i.e a friend! Someone who promptly pops up into our heads when we are in trouble is definitely a friend.In this world full of topsy-turvyness we all search for a shade of relief.The outer world seems more profound when our inner world i.e our own loved ones becomes a vital part of it.No one enjoys being alone and alienated.That’s what we make friends for.Friends are to be considered as pacemaker of our hearts.

But eventually some sort of malfunctioning occurs and the bond that we all adore the most becomes less relevant and less meaningful.Swiftly our thoughts wonder from one place to another (the super power of our brains) just like that the bridges we build together sometimes forget their routes and start reflecting us the wrong directions.

Everything that turns out to be spoiled,can be put into a better state just by giving it a bit of a conscious action.In the case of spoiled friendships we’ve an option named Friendship counselling.

Why do people make friends?

Ever wondered why we make friends?Why is this term considered the purest and coolest?This term has always proved that there is nothing much prettier and sweetest than the bond that two friends shared.Friendship is an extraordinary form of love!

It is something that is beyond love.It is more than just the fulfilment of basic needs of two individuals.When two humans are involved in this bond then they experience the glory of living a happier and healthier life.Friends are not just stress busters ,they are the reason of our increased self worth.They are the reason that makes us a better-us!

People need friends for various reasons.

Few of which are-


  • For making life more joyful-People enjoy being around people of their own kind and by the presence of friends ,life becomes more peaceful and joyful.Their presence makes us more lively!


  • For emotional/psychological needs-We make friends so that we can have someone to check upon ourselves and someone who can be a part of all the mood swings,who can handle us at our worst!

Because,who doesn’t love being cared for and loved?`

A dose of dopamine and serotonin,right?

  • For sharing and cherishing sorrows-We make friends so that we can laugh at our own failures along with a buddy who makes it easier to go through them.

As we all know that life is a beautiful journey and having companions during this journey makes it more worthy!

We are not here only to succeed ,evolve or develop.We are also here to make memorable moments that are filled with loud laughter and unforgettable joys!

From bunks to hangouts.

From hangouts to night outs.

Every little time spent with a good friend is a precious one.

A friend is something that we all need to –survive,to live,to cry,to laugh …..a bit louder and happier!!

Factors due to which friendship astray

  • When one of the friends fails to deal with insecurity-As a human being when someone fails to handle the way they act or feel due to some reasons then it can affect the behaviour of that person that is observable in the relations that he or she makes.
  • Inclusion of third party-When another person enters the group then it can lead to distributed attention and triggers the number of disputes or arguments.This becomes the reason of trust issues,this arises complications.
  • Lack of contact-Distance can also affect the bond that people share.When two friends decrease the number of associations or hangouts,the involvement from both the sides decreases and can lead to increased gap.It can be due to hectic schedules of individuals.
  • Lack of trust-When trust lowers then feeling of insecurity,gaslighting or manipulation comes into play which completely devastates the nature of this bond.

Other reasons can also be there that may vary according to the behavioural aspects of the individuals.

Indications that your friendship needs counselling

  • Increased gap between friends.
  • Lack of understanding.
  • Spark fades.
  • Mutual decisions are nowhere to be seen.
  • Instead of being a boon to your emotional mindset,this bond leads to being one of the reasons for your disturbance .
  • Confused thoughts regarding your friend.
  • Unwanted situationship is being created.
  • Friends are finding it hard to spend some quality time.
  • Trust issues.

Friendship Counselling–Perks.

  • Help strengthen the bond.
  • Help in regaining the faith and spark.
  • Help in understanding each other’s perspective.
  • Professional guidance to act on yourself-to make changes wherever necessary.
  • Help in reframing your thoughts.
  • Makes your bond healthy.
  • Helps identify the signs of a toxic friend.
  • Help in dealing with your own emotions.

A suitable friendship counsellor….

  • Will use proper interventions and procedures to get the desired output.
  • Will bring vivid vision towards this bond.
  • Will help guide you by proper strategies.
  • Will listen to you and your emotions empathetically.
  • Will provide suitable reinforcements.
  • Will give proper tasks that are needed to be done.
  • Will come with regular worksheets.
  • Will give better insight along with therapeutic techniques.

In a nutshell a counsellor will be a guide ,which will make this friendship journey of yours a perfect one and not a detour!


How to know when it’s time to cut off?

Answer-When after lots of input and being supportive enough,there is no sign of you being valued or when you observe that this is not something that you are looking for in a friend then its the high time to cut off!

My friend is very insecure,he never lets me talk to other batchmates of ours.Is it okay to always respond to him affirmatively?

Answer-Being insecure is not about the friendship that you share,it’s more about the characteristics of a person.If you are worried about your friend that he should change some aspects of his,then talk to him about the changes that you need and find a perfect solution mutually.

Being a friend doesn’t stand for always responding affirmatively. Learn when to say no.

I want to end this friendship as It is not about me anymore.It’s only about them but am afraid of being alone.What should I do?

It’s not you being afraid of being afraid.Its just the emotions that you have that are holding you back. A counsellor can guide you well on how you can overcome your own limitations.

Me and my friend want to take a counselling session but we are afraid that how other mates of our group will react when they will come to know this?

Taking sessions and guidance from a professional is never bad. Under supervision you both can get a better insight for whatever reasons of disputes you are having and can get a better dealing approach. Sessions are confidential at Lyfsmile.

I recently ended a toxic friendship.

Let  those feelings go and get a better version of yourself.We understand it’s not that easy to work on our emotions as It seems but don’t forget that things can get better when we work on them. You don’t have to get rid of your emotions,don’t run away from them.

Try facing them and evaluating them. It’s always you versus you.

You are worth everything that you desire for.

We believe this and we can be a part of your self healing journey.Our team emphasis upon how you can manage your emotions well and how you can differentiate between you and your emotions.Its a thin line but its an essential one.

You can book a session with our counsellors today and begin that journey from now on.

We are happy to help!


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