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Your search for “Best counselling psychologist near me” ends here. Lyfsmile brings a group of best and skilled counselling psychologists services.With whom you can explore your very own life  with a different perspective.You no longer need to feel suffocated or tensed about the things that bothers you.Express yourself openly and the world is yours!

Why do we need best counselling psychologists and best services?

Situations of our lives are challenging and bewildering most of the time.We often find ourselves stuck in life scenarios,where we want to do something but after a lot of attempts we still don’t feel it’s worth it.

Do the best counselling psychologists and the services they provide do our work on our behalf?Do the best counselling psychologists change our lives as we want?

These questions sound like “I want to live my best life but I want others to make it happen for me.”

Psychologists are not considered best ones on the basis that they will be taking the most important decisions on your behalf.The best psychologists are those who enable you to make the bestest decisions,for you-yourself!

For what kind of things I can consult a counselling psychologist?

There’s nothing to doubt in the fact that we all as a species of human being are affected by some of the events of our lives.

Event can be as small as an ant or as mighty as a giraffe’s neck! Do you need the  best counselling psychologist for every event of your life?

Counsellor’s can be your choice when-

  • You are unable to focus attentively on your daily activities as something is stuck inside your head,of which you have no idea how to deal with.
  • Little things are making you frustrated and annoyed which alters the quality of your life.
  • You are unable to find out the underlying issue of your current disturbing situation.
  • You somehow want to live a smooth functional life but your thoughts and emotions are not well aligned.
  • Your efficiency of work is decreasing.
  • Every sphere of your life is getting out of track.
  • You feel yourself surrounded by some unwanted repetitive thoughts.

What will a counselling psychologist do for me?

The best counselling psychologist is a person who is well equipped with the knowledge of how to treat an individual,who is suffering from some behavioural issues and how to provide an effective strategy to make his or her life more smoother and highly functional.

A counselling psychologist will-

  • Use some therapeutic techniques that will act as an aid.
  • Use psychoanalysis for analysing the thought process and will then provide the steps that can be taken to adjust them.
  • A counselling psychologist will act as an active listener and will provide a safe environment to express yourself without the fear of judgement.
  • Will help you in knowing how small changes and steps taken in your daily life can provide relief to your unorganised emotions and behavioural patterns.
  • Will help you discover how easy things can be when you are able to differentiate between your thoughts and YOU.

Counselling psychologist at lyfsmile

lyfsmile’s counselling psychologists,with affiliated education and years of experience can help you deep dive in your own emotional,behavioural and thought process where you will know yourself,what to amend and what not to.

Everything is just inside our heads!

We just need to know how to use it and how not to be a slave of our own repetitive or compulsive behaviours that affects the quality of our own lives.

Best counselling psychologists are always ready to be a part of your journey-towards better you!

They will be the guides and will actively participate in the downstreams of your life,they will help you in meeting the beautiful shores of your lives.


Do I need to consult a counselling psychologist for some issues related to my family?

 Counselling psychologist provides counselling for issues like anxiety,depression,education related issues ,family issues,etc.You can definitely contact a counselling psychologist for issues regarding your family.He or she will help you out by knowing the reasons for your disturbances.

Do I need to indulge in long term therapy sessions for counselling?

The duration of sessions depends upon how fast you are able to achieve the sense of betterment or satisfaction within yourself. As fast as you are able to experience change you can get done with it.It is not about the quantity ,it’s about the quality.

How will a psychologist deal with my anxiety issues?

By helping you in knowing that your anxiety is something that is created by your thoughts or emotions. A psychologist will provide you a framework of techniques by which you can fight or even destroy it.

I am not a good communicator. I am worried about how I will communicate with a counsellor.

Counsellors at lyfsmile are very friendly. Along with that they are professionals who know how to make another person feel comfortable while he or she expresses themselves openly. You don’t need to worry about your talking skills while delivering your ideas.

If I will take the help of a counsellor then will it make me feel, pitiful or embarrassed that I am not able to sort my own things out?

Not everyone is perfect in all the dimensions of their lives.

When you take help it doesn’t mean that you are reflecting your weaker side,it means you are wise enough to know that you need some changes to be done for your own betterment.

Life is all about learning,when we seek help,we are learning a few things that we need to learn.

Never feel that you are weak because you are seeking help,feel proud that you know when to take one.

What are the qualities of a best counsellor?

Definition of best counsellor may vary person to person but all of those may share these-

  • A Counsellor that knows deeply what their patient is feeling currently.
  • A counsellor that knows what kind of amendments a patient needs.
  • A counsellor who is an empath.
  • A counsellor who can provide a proper framework of thoughts and emotions and how to work on them.
  • A counsellor who gives a feeling of knowingness, is a counsellor that can be defined as best.


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