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Relationship Counselling

A relationship is a medium for communication during good and bad times. A counselor is available to help with daily communication, healing, and growth.

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Relationship counselling for Rebuilding Bridges

Two imperfect people who never give themselves a way to each other define a sense of an actual relationship. Love is the sweet candy for a relationship; to intensify the relationship with a deep sense of transparency and togetherness, it must last forever.

Putting yourself out there in the relationship is a must, as it strengthens a close relationship where both of them connect by emotional and physical immediacy, create a comfort zone, try to connect with one another's ideas and feelings, and slowly develop the essence of love.

A relationship can become easier and steadier with love, but not enough effort and understanding can heighten the relationship. Couples who are thinking about separating or who want to be closer and understand each other better may find therapy helpful, to take suggestions about relationship counselling for relationship must be helpful as it clarifies the expression, to process and understand the issue between them.

About Lyfsmile Relationship counselling

The most well-known online relationship counselling and treatment service in India is Lyfsmile, which is also one of the top mental health organizations. With more than six years of operation, Lyfsmile has the best psychologist in India with thirty expert counselors on staff. The Lyfsmile mental therapy team operates according to WHO regulations, as well as Lyfsmile is treating Indian clients and overseas people of Indian descent.

Currently, the therapist for Lyfsmile holds that "We Are the Best Support for You" sums everything up. Relationship issues, couples therapy, LGBTQ issues, stress And depression, mindful therapy, teenage challenges, and aging issues are the main topics covered by their counselling services. The counselling team does not have a strict culture or way of treating patients or clients. They admit that counselling is not therapy; rather, it is the sharing of the struggles people face and listening to them.

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Break Up

Breakups may damage mental health. Even if a relationship isn't working, ending it can be painful because you're losing your partner and your hopes and promises. We're devastated when it ends. Breakup counselling lets you express your feelings and learn how to cope.

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Divorce impacts many people. Pre- and post-divorce counselling exist. In the first stage, couples can reflect on their shared concerns and individual values to find a solution. Divorce counselling addresses readjustment, loneliness, single parenthood, future stress and anxiety, trauma, and remarriage. Learn More


Our premarital counselling services teach couples how to communicate, resolve conflicts, and build a strong foundation for a happy marriage. Our experienced counsellors guide couples through important discussions and empower them to build a strong and thriving relationship in a supportive, non-judgmental environment
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Unhealthy relationship

Our unhealthy relationship counselling services provide a safe and confidential environment for those seeking help with toxic or dysfunctional relationships. Our experienced counsellors help clients set healthy boundaries, develop effective communication skills, and improve their relationships.

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Cheating counselling provides a confidential, non-judgmental environment for those seeking support after infidelity. Our experienced counsellors provide guidance, healing strategies, and open communication tools to rebuild trust, foster understanding, and navigate the complexities of rebuilding a strong and healthy partnership.

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Marriage counselling builds intimacy, trust, and empathy, deepening the relationship and recommitting to a happy,
long-term partnership. It also helps couples resolve issues and grow closer. Our counsellors help couples explore
communication patterns, unresolved conflicts, and underlying issues.

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Relationship Counselling Therapy Approach

● Express

Your relationship therapist will spend the first portion of therapy creating rapport and providing a secure, non-judgmental space to discuss your issues.

● Recognize

The relationship counselor will assess present issues, examine the relationship, identify areas for improvement, and define therapy goals.

● Develop

After determining the scope of the relationship issue, the marriage counselor will determine if solo meetings will suffice or if marriage counselling or familial counselling is needed.

● Single sessions

when anxiety, anger eruptions, rigid beliefs, unattainable goals, failing to regulate emotions, jealousy, controlling nature, or a past trauma continue to trigger us and lead to ineffective attachment patterns.

● Relationship therapy

When two or more individuals have different communication patterns, belief systems, styles of attachment, tolerance for distress, desires, and standards, the rigid and adaptable imbalance between intimacy and autonomy, boundaries, and codependency, enmeshment, and toxic relationships hurts one or all involved.

● Execution

The relationship counselor will assist in planning and addressing each issue, such as dominating behavior. personality clashes, lack of space or self-determination, fair fighting, boundary establishing, and conflict resolution skills.

● Growth

After a few sessions, you may be able to recognize triggers, resolve disagreements, and end bad encounters.