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Positive Psychology

Application and Intervention

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12th to 20th March

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Friday and Saturday at 3pm to 5pm.

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Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT


date 12th to 20th March


time Friday and Saturday at 3pm to 5pm.

Positive Psychology - Application and Intervention


Welcome to the Positive Psychology Internship at LyfSmile !!!!!

Learn the power of positivity and wellbeing with Lyfsmile's Positive Psychology Internship Program, which has been carefully structured by our team of professional psychologists. As an intern you'll have the chance to work alongside experienced experts in the field where you can explore the world of positivity along with its application in our everyday lives. Our program provides personal as well as professional development in an environment where you can work on your skills and make a genuine impact on the lives of people seeking mental health support

Our dedicated team of professional psychologists and mentors provides an impressive amount of knowledge and expertise derived from working with over 1000+ clients .By the end of the program, interns will not only acquire essential knowledge and skills but will also earn a valuable certificate that will significantly enhance their future career prospects in the field of mental health counselling.


Exploring Positive Psychology : Understanding its Origins, Evolution, and Key Components.
Discover the science of happiness : Explore the science and research based tools that drive happiness and flourishing.
Enhance Relationships : Strengthen your relationships with others and create relationships that are important and fulfilling in your personal and professional life.
Embrace Self-Confidence and Optimism : Adopt an optimistic outlook towards life, increase your self-confidence, and embrace optimism .
Master Mindfulness : Learn and put into practice the fundamentals of mindfulness to increase awareness and mindfulness in daily activities.
Uncover the Secrets of Habits : Learn about the psychology of habits and how to alter your life for the better.
Improve Overall Well Being : Experience a holistic improvement in your well-being by incorporating positive psychology principles into your daily life.