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Introduction to

Counselling Psychology

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25th March to 25th May 2024

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Overview of Counseling Psychology

Grounded in the principles of empathy and understanding, counseling psychology involves various therapeutic techniques to assist clients in addressing emotional concerns, managing stress, improving relationships, and enhancing overall resilience.

Providing mental health support, crisis intervention, or career guidance, counseling psychology plays a pivotal role in empowering individuals to explore their strengths, navigate personal development, and contribute to the health of communities.

Week 1 - Introduction to counseling psychology

Topic Content
1. Understanding the foundation of psychology Dig deep into the history of counseling, formation of APA ,contribution of Carl Roger Albert Ellis & many more pioneers.
2. Objectives of Counselling Psychology Discover the varied goals and motivations that drive counselling psychologists and positively influence mental well-being.
3. Diverse Perspectives Uncover insights into distinct counselling perspectives, including psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, and holistic approaches.
4. Ethical Principles of Counselling Explore the ethical principles guiding psychologists with a deep understanding of the challenging situations they may face.

Week 2 - Artistry

Topic Content
1. Exploring the identity of a counseling psychologist Who is the “ counseling psychologist”?
2. Work areas of a counseling psychologist Learn about duties and importance of skill sets for better counseling.
3. Recognize the skills required to resolve challenges Gain insight on the role of counseling skills in settling the challenges during the session.
4. Therapist’s point of view Looking into the challenges a therapist faces in and after the session.
Skills required to overcome challenges

Week 3 -Introduction to counseling process

Topic Content
1. Building Counseling relationships: Learn different strategies for navigating challenges faced during the sessions.
2. Working in a counseling relationship The concept of therapeutic alliance, importance of therapeutic alliance,factors responsible for a positive therapeutic alliance and co - creating meaningful goals.
3. Termination of counseling relationship Terminologies to be used on how to conclude therapeutic interaction with a positive note and warmth towards the client, addressing concerns, and fostering client empowerment beyond counseling sessions.

Week 4 - Insight on disorder with counseling psychology.

Topic Content
1. Exploration of diverse therapies explore the variety of therapeutic techniques addressing conditions like depression, anxiety, phobias, OCD, PTSD etc.
2. Learn with the help of case studies: Learn through case studies illustrating successful outcomes with counselling skills for various disorders, gaining valuable insights into effective therapeutic approaches and practical applications.

Week 5 - Beyond the pages- In touch with professional setup

Topic Content
1. Discussion circle Detailed discussion on real life cases with the help of techniques used in the case, as well as the process of diagnosis.

Exploration of the treatment plan developed for the client. This includes therapeutic interventions, goals, and strategies to address the client's presenting issues.
2. Role play sessions Engaging in role-playing to simulate counseling sessions with a mock client, in order to practice various therapeutic techniques, interventions, and communication skills in a controlled environment.

Who Can Enroll?


    • Anyone pursuing or completed
      • B.A/B.Sc in clinical/counseling psychology.
      • M.A/Diploma or equivalent degree in clinical/counseling psychology.
      • Professionals practicing in the same respective fields.