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Featuring a premier national team of physicians, psychologists, neurologists, and psychotherapists, our clinic stands as the largest private mental health collaboration. Our professionals, united in expertise, deliver top-tier, personalized care, setting the standard for excellence in mental health support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions

What we do?

A 24-7 Mental Health helpline to aid patients, their relatives and others struggling with mental health problems, such as depression, and anxiety.

Why to take a counseling or psychotherapy session?

One can take a counselling session or psychotherapy session to talk freely about the emotions and to work on handling the emotional conflicts that may occur in mind. Counselling sessions are helpful as the therapist acts a good listener and along with active listening socratic questioning helps to know oneself better.

How is counseling done?

Counselling is done by talking more about the feelings of an individual. Counselling provides a platform which helps to express oneself freely without any fear of being judged. A therapist will ask you to share the things that you are comfortable sharing and you can learn some relaxation techniques. With the help of worksheets you will get to notice a positive change in yourself.

What will happen in the session?

In a session things about you and your recent issue will be discussed. You will be made comfortable and you will be asked to express your emotions and feelings freely. With the help of your responses our trained therapists will help you in identifying the real underlying problem of your recent stressor and it will help you to get another perspective. Sessions done with lyfsmile’s therapist lead to a better understanding of your own inner self.

Can I have multiple sessions at one go?

A typical therapy session is usually for 40 Mins. to an hour. Although, you can buy as many sessions in a go to avoid interruption.

What if the call/chat gets disconnected during a session?

If the call/chat gets disconnected, you can reconnect with us and resume the session from where it had stopped.

Will my chat or call be recorded?

The chat and call sessions are recorded to maintain a record of your history so that you need not repeat your concern again. The records are kept safe with your counselor and not shared without your permission.

What are the qualifications of the LyfSmile Counsellors?

All of our counselors have a Masters Degree in Psychology, and have undergone an extensive on-the-job training with Senior Psychologists before beginning to provide assistance to one and all

Can I choose my counselor?

When you reach out to us we connect you instantly to the available counselor at the moment. Should you wish to speak with a particular counselor you may ask for them and schedule your session as per their availability. You may see their profiles here.

Will I get to speak to the same counselor the next time I take the session?

Yes, you can ask for your counselor by their name and avail your sessions with the same counselor.

What if I want to change my counselor?

Every therapist has their own approach and counseling session works well with the rapport built. Although each of our counselor are well experienced in various domains, but if you feel the need to speak/continue with a different counselor, you may do so.

Will my information remain confidential?

Anything said in the counselling room is completely confidential. The only exception to this is if a client seems to be at immediate risk of harming themselves or others. Any disclosure would be discussed with the client first.


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