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Career problem / confusion

Career problem confusion

There Are Only 4 Types of Career Problems

No matter how complex the circumstances were surrounding a particular career problem, it still boiled down to one of these four major challenges.

1. Career setback

You've been fired, laid off, demoted, put on a performance plan, or are experiencing a stretch of unemployment.

2. No career direction.

You have a job, maybe you've had several jobs, but each one has you feeling underutilized, uninspired, and unappreciated. Unfortunately, you can't seem to find something that brings you satisfaction. You've learned what you don't want in a job, but you have no idea (or confidence in) how to choose what you should do next.

3. Desire to change direction

You've been in a career for a while, and you think it's time to change professions. You want to break into a new industry, or use a different skill set, but can't figure out how. And you aren't in a position to start completely over.

4. Anxious to accelerate.

You have a job you like and a career path in view, but you aren't moving forward at the rate you want. You're struggling to navigate the path to getting more of what you desire--and you're getting impatient.

Too many people are failing to fix their career problems because they've convinced themselves their situation is too complex. Why? They tried fixing it on their own but failed. Try talking to health professional or counsellor.

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