Best Indian online therapy-All you need to know!

Indian online therapy

Online therapies are a boon nowadays. So, the technical world has provided a lot of options for all of us to sustain or live in one or different aspects. Thanks to science and innovation, we are able to talk to each other by being in any part of the world. 

Online therapy provides the opportunity to consult best psychologists from all over the world. Isn’t it amazing that one can take care of their mental health just by being in their own comfort zone. Indian online therapy is now widely considered as a better option to talk about the things that might be affecting the quality of an individual’s life.

What are the issues that Indian online therapy helps to deal with?

Indian online therapy can deal with a broad range of issues.

Indian online therapy can deal with-

  • Post traumatic stress disorder.
  • Feeling of grief.
  • Feeling of anxiety.
  • Behavioural problems.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Premarital issues.
  • Marriage issues.
  • Family issues.
  • Family planning.
  • Phobias.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Body image issues.
  • Substance abuse, etc.

Online therapy works on the same mechanisms of therapy and gives good results. Book now!

Why is Indian Online therapy needed?

Indian Online therapy is performed  with the help of tools. Tools or gadgets for communication are mobile phones, computers or laptops etc. Therefore by not visiting the therapist  or a counsellor at his or her office one can talk to them over the screens.

Indian Online therapy are needed because-

  • It helps the clients by being in their comfort level.
  • It saves the time of accomodation.
  • It gives privacy.
  • It is affordable.
  • It makes the person comfortable.
  • It is useful for dealing with every kind of issue.
  • It gives a great platform to express.
  • It helps by providing an insight to the individual.

Indian online therapy uses.

Whereas, Indian online therapy can be of great use for people who are looking for Indian psychologists or therapists. People feel it is easier to communicate with people of the same country and who can understand their language. It is easy to express oneself in front of an Indian therapist if the client is Indian too.

Indian Online therapy can help-

  • Relieving anxiety.
  • Relieving stressful emotions.
  • Help fight compulsive behaviours.
  • Complicated relationships.
  • Help building trust and understanding in relationships.
  • Help in depression.
  • Help in career related issues.

Online therapy options in India.

If someone feels that he or she wants to go with an Indian Online therapy services then one can definitely search for the best online therapy on the browser and many options will be visible.

Choose best online therapist –

  • On the basis of experience.
  • On the basis of reviews.
  • On the basis of expertise.
  • On the basis of reviews.
  • On the basis of consultation charges.

Few options to consider for Online Therapy & Wellness in India-

  • Online- is considered good for couples and is confidential.
  • Lyfsmile provides online therapy sessions for the people who want to extract benefits of therapy by being in their homes.
  • Betterhelp is also a well known platform.
  • Talkspace gives you a good insurance plan and provides good communication tools too.

Benefits of Indian online therapies and its services at Lyfsmile.

Lyfsmile is a place where healing begins and it offers skilled and experienced therapists who work well and can provide many effective ways to deal with issues. From relationships to issues related with anxiety or depression, Lyfsmile can help you with all. Because It has:

  • Best therapists.
  • Good affordable price packages.
  • Empathetic and pragmatic therapists.
  • Good communication tools.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Best therapeutic techniques to offer.
F&Q, Indian Online Therapy

Can one use whatsapp for online counselling?

Online calls or video calls work well in Indian Online therapy services and it can help people. Whatsapp video calls can be considered a good option.

Messaging also works in some therapy sessions.

How many people take therapy in India?Do people need it more?

Indian Online therapy awareness is still needed regarding mental health issues. In an estimated study it was believed that more than 150 million people need therapy for mental health but less than 30 billion are getting therapy. Indians need to be more aware of their mental health and should take proper steps.

How can One get the best therapist in India?

One can get the best therapist in India depending upon the needs of the individual.

One needs to consider the reason for which help is needed and accordingly it is to be choosed. Various options are available today in Indian Online therapy but one needs to see what suits the best. Go for affordable and experienced therapists.

What are the most common illnesses related to mental health in India?

In India issues like stress , depression, anxiety are more prevalent and need to be addressed. People suffer from these but due to biases and prejudices people feel uncomfortable to express themselves. We all need to pay attention to our mental health as everything belongs to how we perceive things.

Which is the number 1 mental illness in this world. How can one deal with it?

Depression ranks the number one mental condition and it affects many people. Past relationships, failures, family issues or marriage related issues. All these can be the cause of depression. Ketamines etc are used as medicinal drugs to treat depression. Psychotherapies are also advised along with medications as they help a lot. 

Can one talk with a psychologist or a therapist for free ?

There are many apps such as 7 cups and sites like better help where one can talk to people or listeners. One can vent there or listen to others. . If one needs a mental health professional then one should definitely consider consulting experienced one. It is okay to consult a therapist even if there are not very severe issues. One can get guidance and can enhance the quality of life by consulting a good therapist.

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